You only turn 40 once!

Thu, Jun 7th, 2018

Bust out the cake, balloons, and your best over-the-hill jokes! Even though 40 is the new 30 we are still thrilled to be celebrating Dr. Thaney's 40th trip around the sun. You know how much we love to celebrate and a birthday seemed like the perfect time to bring our dental family together for laughter, fun, and food.

From a doctor who "loves nothing more than making others smile" it makes sense that he would choose to mourn the loss of youth with his dental family at Dr. Goel's Comedy Club Comedy @ The Carlson in downtown Rochester. Dr. Thaney hosted a private patient-only celebration in honor of Dr. Thaney's 40th birthday on June 3rd!

Laughter is the best medicine

When Dr. Thaney sees patients requiring the very highest standards of gum therapy or dental implants, he calls on his good friend and comedy club owner Dr. Goel to provide outstanding care.

Dr. Thaney will frequently refer patients to Dr. Goel because of his advanced restorative and cosmetic dental skills, and experience. Importantly, Dr. Goel shares Dr. Thaney's outlook in providing a lighter, more enjoyable and patient-centered approach to dental care. Patients, when learning Dr. Goel owns a comedy club are often not surprised. Dr. Goel's dental office has a reputation for its fun atmosphere, and he's known to his patients as being a bit of a jokester and a joy to be around.

Details about the party

Nothing is more fun than sharing laughter and smiles with friends and family while seeing a well-known comedian, especially in a downtown location that is so rich with history.

The MC, Joe Bruno was an absolute riot! The talented local comedians, Joel Lindley and Todd Youngman kept us smiling. Over 100 patients didn't miss the chance to relax and have a fun evening with popcorn, cake, drinks and lots of laughs with the Brockport Smiles team!

Stay tuned for the details for our next patient appreciation event!

Check out some photos and videos below!

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