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What is Invisalign® and what are the benefits?

Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

For kids and adults alike, metal braces are often a source of insecurity and discomfort. Whether in the classroom, the professional environment or social settings, metal braces can steal confidence and impede how we live our day to day lives. At Brockport Smiles, we believe that our patients should be able to straighten their smiles without sacrificing their comfort and confidence. That's why we offer Invisalign®.

Invisalign® is a clear alternative for reshaping smiles. Instead of restricting how you live your life, Invisalign® offers the comfort and convenience for patients to be able to smile confidently, eat freely, and maintain oral health with greater ease. Here are 3 top reasons why you should choose Invisalign®

Comfort: Gone are the days of awkward and oftentimes painful metal braces. There's no longer the need to worry about or suffer through pain caused by sharp brackets and wires. Invisalign® aligners are engineered to gently shift teeth into the right position through state-of-the-art multilayer SmartTrack® technology. This makes Invisalign® aligners both comfortable to wear and easily removable.

Confidence: Invisalign® aligners are virtually invisible, meaning patients won't have to feel insecure about something as awkward as a full mouth of metal braces. With clear aligners, you can smile with confidence with hardly anyone even noticing you're wearing them!

Convenience: Metal braces used to mean that patients had to avoid a lot of foods to prevent damaging the expensive metal hardware. In addition, regardless of what you ate, metal braces would often cause food to get stuck between brackets and wires. Invisalign® aligners are easily removable, so patients can eat what they want and when they want. Better yet, there's no need to struggle with brushing and flossing around metal wires and brackets! Simply remove the aligners, brush and floss, and put the aligners back in.

So how does it work? Whether you're dealing with overcrowding, crossbite, overbite or gapped teeth, Invisalign® can straighten your smile. First, we'll set up a consultation and dental examination to make sure Invisalign® is the right solution for you. Next, we'll take a digital scan of your mouth, which we use to custom make your Invisalign® aligner. Last, but not least, wear your aligner for 20-22 hours a day. Whenever you eat or brush your teeth, simply remove the aligner. To help you save time with your busy schedule, Invisalign® requires only one office visit every 4 to 6 weeks and treatment can be complete in as little as year!

Call us today at Brockport Smiles to schedule your free smile assessment and find out if Invisalign® is the right solution for you. 585.416.2191.

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