Brockport Smiles Says: Teach ‘Em Young!

Mon, Apr 1st, 2019

Helping Our Young Ones Develop Good Habits

Our staff recently attended a wonderful event at Ginther School and, hopefully, helped future generations take even better care of their teeth! We met with 500 students from 24 classes! The plan was to supply the 12 kindergarten classes and 12 first grade classes with fully stocked gift bags. The gift bags included tissues, Ziplocks, glue sticks, crayons, and a fun activity to enjoy in the classroom!

Having an excellent dental team is an essential part of overall oral health, but it’s not the only factor. Our goal with the Ginter students was to impress upon them the importance of proper home snacking habits. The in classroom activity was called “What makes our teeth happy? And What makes our teeth sad?” The purpose was to help kids understand how eating right helps them have strong, healthy teeth! The smiling tooth sure loved all the fruits and veggies!

Searching and Dancing for Healthy Smiles

The kindergartners loved getting into the spirit of keeping teeth and gums healthy! All of our participating Kindergarten classes enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the ball pit. The bounty they were searching for? Floss and toothbrushes of course! We’re pretty sure they found the keys to a healthy mouth during their search.

Did you know? Flossing is so popular that it has its own dance! Well, what better way to relate to our first graders than a lesson in flossing they could give to Dr. Thaney? After thorough instruction from our twelve volunteers, it was time for a ‘floss’ dance off! Dr. Thaney gave a valiant attempt, but he was no match for our first-grade volunteers. The vote was unanimous! Ginther School first graders are flossing champs!

It was such a treat to help the young members of our community have fun learning how to care for their smiles! Having our event scheduled on wacky Wednesday was an added bonus! The kids at Ginther dressed in their wackiest and a treat to teach! We’re sure Dr. Thaney will be practicing his flossing dance for next year’s event!

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