Brockport Smiles Gave a Little Extra Protection for the Football Season!

Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

It’s that time again! Summer break is coming to an end and the excitement for fall sports is increasing!

On August 29th, Brockport Smiles Dental practice partnered with Battle Sports Science to help some of Brockport finest JV, Varsity and Modified football players to protect their smiles the 63 athletes joined us in our office to learn more about the benefits of mouth guards. Our athletes had many different options to choose from but this years fan favorites were the blue camo and blue fang styles!

This year marks the third year of protecting our young athletes smiles with the mouth guard program. We love giving back to the community in any way we can but the annual Battle Sports Science mouthguard event is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Brockport Smiles dental practice was thrilled to partner with Battle Sports Science to provide free fitted mouthguards to the Brockport Blue Devils JV and Varsity football teams for the upcoming football season.

Why Wear a Sports Guard?

During youth, more than your personality is developing. As you plan out your goals, your mouth, smile and oral health are changing too! Mouth guards provide protection for healthy smile development. If your kids have had orthodontic treatment, a mouthguard also protects an investment!

The American Dental Association has conducted multiple studies on mouth guards, and the results have consistently shown that mouth guards really do offer significant protection from sports-related injuries to the teeth and soft tissues.

Let’s Go Blue Devils!

With their new mouth guards, these football stars can focus their efforts on the competition at hand knowing their smiles are well protected. Brockport Smiles looks forward to cheering them on all season long!

Interested in some smile protection for the athletes in your family? Call Brockport Smiles today to learn more about individual styled mouth guards.

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