Brockport Smiles and Another Successful Winter Gala 

Tue, Dec 31st, 2019

Brockport Winter Gala in Wonderland

The 4th Annual Brockport Gala, which was held Saturday, November 16th at the Rochester Convention Center, was quite the spectacle. This year's theme was Alice in Wonderland, so you can imagine how enchanting the room and experience would be.

When the over 410 attendees walked into the room, they were served champagne by an acrobat dangling from the ceiling in a hoop! The Wonderland decor even included whimsical teapots and clocks for centerpieces.  

Why We Love Supporting These Galas

We genuinely love supporting this great cause. These annual galas are held so that funds can be raised to give deserving students of the College in Brockport scholarships. This year, over $177,000 was raised, which surpassed the $153,000 raised last year.

The president of the college, Dr. Heidi Macpherson, further highlighted just how vital these galas are to our community. "We know that our students learn best when they actively participate in their own education," she stated, "and that's why we are raising money for engaged learning opportunities."

"These scholarships allow students to work side by side with faculty in doing hands-on research, to learn to appreciate cultural differences by visiting other countries, and to focus on their studies through scholarships that alleviate financial worries." said Mike Andriatch, Vice President for Advancement and the President of the Brockport Foundation.

We're proud to be Brockport's Smile Makers and are thrilled to be part of a community that invests in our youth. We had a great time celebrating another record-breaking year and are already looking forward to next year!

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